Seoul garden vincom hà nội

Starting operation in 2004, Vincom bố Trieu quickly became a famous trade center in Hanoi. Located on a busy centered street which is considered as a shopping paradise, Vincom tía Trieu is the destination of numerous customers, where many famous domestic and international brands converge in all fields.

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The ideal place for shopaholics.

Like other commercial centers, Vincom Center ba Trieu has many stores serving different needs of customers such as shopping, furniture, fashion, shoes ...This is a shopping complex with all facilities designed và decorated in a very modern style. With the motto "price goes with quality", famous fashion brands such as Zara and Charles & Keith are located in the 1st và 2nd floors so that customers can conveniently find their favorite items.


The restaurant section is on the 5th floor where tourists can freely choose delicious dishes lớn enjoy at Vincom bố Trieu:

Seoul Garden - Korean cuisine: The thực đơn in Seoul Garden is extremely diverse: One side is an appetizer with sushi, fried food, salad, dessert; while the other side is barbecue with pork, chicken, fish, frog...

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Kichi Kichi: "Hot pot king". Coming to lớn this restaurant, you will have the opportunity to lớn experience an authentic Japanese culinary culture, just pick up the moving dish on the counter & enjoy.

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Kowloon - búp phê Dimsum và Hong Kong Hot Pots: the dimsum here is very carefully selected, no repetition of the ingredients. Dimsum is placed in lovely wooden trays, the chất lượng is generally good. But the most surprising thing is the hot pot, spicy Sichuan hot pot, full of Chinese style, bringing a sense of curiosity khổng lồ customers!

Nevertheless, there are also various other dining brands like Pizza Hut, Hotto, ThaiExpress, Capricciosa - Pasta và Pizza, King BBQ Deli..

Other amenities

Game Center: The world standard games are gathered here that will surely take you to lớn escape the reality like electronic racing games, khiêu vũ machines, fish shooting to zombie hunting games with high-quality digital graphics và impressive sound effects.

CGV cinema: the most up-to-date và popular among all CGV cinema lines. The wifi is miễn phí and connected automatically here, the graphics and sound system is modern & the drink và popcorn counters are said lớn be the most delicious.