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Jo In-sung is a South Korean actor from Gangdong-gu, Seoul. You may have seen him in “What Happened in Bali”, “That Winter, the Wind Blows” và “It’s Okay, That’s Love” as these are just some of his most memorable lead roles. He made his acting debut in 1998, at just the age of 17! Since then, Jo In-sung has starred in 29 different series & films, winning four major awards.

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Today, we are going khổng lồ take a sneak peek at the actor’s dating life. To find out more, keep on reading!

“Just lượt thích a common cold, a heartache is a frequent illness for all.”– Jo In-sung

1 Jo In-sung Girlfriend and Dating Rumors
1.1 1. Ha Ji-won
1.2 2. Kim Min-hee
1.3 3. Gong Hyo-jin
1.4 4. Park Kyung-lim
1.5 5. Tuy vậy Hye-kyo
2 Who is Jo In-sung’s Wife?
3 Jo In-sung’s Ideal Girl
4 Love life Bio Summary

Jo In-sung Girlfriend & Dating Rumors


According to lớn recent records, Jo In-sung is currently single.

Recently, the actor opened up about his struggles with finding a partner. He explained that he feels women may feel uncomfortable to lớn approach him due khổng lồ public pressure. He feels that they may feel burdened by his fame. Because of this, the actor finds it difficult lớn get khổng lồ know someone.

Despite his struggles with dating, there have been a few moments in his career where fans believed he had finally found his other half. Here, we are going to discuss each woman Jo In-sung found himself stuck in a dating rumor with:

1. Ha Ji-won


South Korean actress Ha Ji-won & Jo In-sung worked alongside each other in 2004 drama “What Happened in Bali“. In 2016, Ha Ji-won made an appearance on MBC’s “Entertainment Relay”, where she was asked to describe her “What Happened in Bali” co-stars.

Ha Ji-won chose khổng lồ describe Jo In-sung. She shared, “So In-sung is older than me so we grew closer comfortably. For Jo In-sung, I didn’t know it at first but he’s a prankster. He has a great personality, so we had fun filming together.”

Recently, the actress shared that she would lượt thích to work with the actor once again. Fans hope lớn see them together on-screen again very soon.

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2. Kim Min-hee


In 2013, Jo In-sung met South Korean actress and mã sản phẩm Kim Min-hee through an acquaintance. Once the two had the opportunity to get khổng lồ know each other better, they finally decided to officially become a couple. It was only four months later that news of their relationship broke out.

Not too long after their relationship became public Jo In-sung’s agency shared, “They met earlier this year by chance and we have confirmed that they are currently dating after feeling an interest toward each other. Please watch this couple with warm attention as it is just the beginning of their relationship.”

Kim Min-hee’s agency also confirmed the news, by sharing “We apologize that we couldn’t reveal their relationship beforehand và it was found out through a media outlet. We have confirmed that the two are seeing each other with interest. They met by chance at the beginning of this year & exchanged contacts, as they were colleagues. They are now seeing each other with good feelings.”

Many fans were happy lớn receive the unexpected news và supported the new couple.

Unfortunately, their relationship only lasted a year. Their agencies confirmed their breakup but didn’t explain what had caused it, leaving many with unanswered questions. Some believe their breakup might have been caused due khổng lồ a third person.

3. Gong Hyo-jin


Not long after his breakup Jo In-sung was rumored to lớn be dating his “It’s Okay, That’s Love” co-star Gong Hyo-jin after multiple paparazzi shots began circulating online showing the two being rather close. During this time, Gong Hyo-jin had also just broken up with her boyfriend. This made the rumors a lot more believable. Some even questioned if the actress was the third person causing Jo In-sung’s và Kim Min-hee’s breakup.

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Both agencies denied all dating rumors.

4. Park Kyung-lim


Jo In-sung recently made a guest appearance on “Lee Soo Young’s Let Meet at 12 O’clock”. There, he opened up about starring in the hit sitcom “New Nonstop” as well as his on-screen relationship with co-star Park Kyung-lim.

DJ Lee Soo-young asked, “It’s been trăng tròn years, và it’s possible you got asked this question a lot. Has she ever touched your heart for even 1/10 of a second?” The actor responded by saying, “Are you talking about Park Kyung-lim? I’ll say it very clearly right now. There was never even a single moment.”

Fans of the sitcom loved the on-screen chemistry between Park Kyung-lim và Jo In-sung & felt naturally heartbroken khổng lồ learn that the chemistry between them did not extend to lớn off-screen.

5. Song Hye-kyo


In 2020, actor Jo In-sung found himself trapped in a dating rumor with South Korean actress tuy vậy Hye-kyo. At the time, tuy nhiên Hye-kyo was in the process of divorcing husband song Joong-ki, a close friend of Jo In-sung.

A rumor began suggesting that tuy vậy Hye-kyo & Jo In-sung used khổng lồ date before the actress got married, after some discovered they were very close in the past. Some also shared that they believe the actor has feelings for fellow “That Winter, the Wind Blows” co-star, as he would often mention her name in interviews regarding the romance drama.

Jo In-sung was therefore blamed for getting in the way of the couple’s marriage. However, none of the evidence presented by fans online truly prove the actor did in fact destroy the marriage of song Hye-kyo and tuy nhiên Joong-ki.

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Who is Jo In-sung’s Wife?


Jo In-sung has shared various times that he dreams of & desires getting married soon. In the past, he shared he hoped khổng lồ be married before 40. As marriage is something his mother really wants for him. Unfortunately, that has not yet happened as the actor is on his way to lớn 41.

Jo In-sung’s Ideal Girl


In 2013, Jo In-sung revealed to lớn Korean media,“I want somebody that would adore me even if I am not mature, và someone whom I could lean on, rather than that who leans on me.” He explained that he believes “men are children to the end.”

In 2017, Jo In-Sung made a guest appearance on the broadcast of the KBS2 show along with fellow “The King” co-star Jung Woo-sung. There he was asked about a past statement he had made regarding his ideal type,“My ideal type is a gentle woman.”Jo In-sung explained what he meant by the statement, sharing“While there are people who you just intuitively find beautiful right away, there are those who you may not really notice at first, but seem like gentle women the more you talk to lớn them.”

In 2018, Jo In-sung made an appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star”. He talked about that he feels women feel uncomfortable approaching him due to lớn pressure & that he feels bad for not yet being married, as it’s something his mother really wants for him. She shared,“I lượt thích a girl who can love me well, someone who I can rely on.”

Love life Bio Summary

Marital StatusUnmarried

That’s all about Jo In-sung love life, we hope he finds a suitable partner soon!. Read also Kim Seon-ho Girlfriend.