Sing my song

Most EPHS students have been busy with various activities this year, but it’s safe to lớn say that senior Thuy-Yen Tran has been up lớn quite a lot lately with both her singing Instagram account và Etsy shop. 

Tran started singing when she was about four years old, but it wasn’t until later that she decided to mô tả her singing covers on social media. “No one really knew I could sing. I just did it for fun, and my older sister sings. I was kind of inspired by her to start singing in general & just start sharing my voice.”

Photos submitted by Thuy-Yen Tran.

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Her favorite music genres are pop và alternative music, and her favorite artists are Ariana Grande as well as Victoria Kelly. 

She primarily covers other artists. For Tran, making a song cover is a pretty straightforward process. “When I make a cover I usually either find a tuy nhiên that I want lớn do, or I hear the tuy vậy on the radio. So then I just sit at the piano và figure out the chords for that song.” As well as doing covers she has also created some original recordings that haven’t become public yet but she’s excited to someday share. 

Along with singing, she has been playing the piano for 10 years and plays the guitar & violin as well.

Tran’s biggest dream is to make a career out of her singing.

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But, she says,“ If I can’t get there then just being able khổng lồ sing with my family and my sister and just create music for myself is enough.” 

“As long as I’m happy with what I’m performing & the songs that I’m singing, and just enjoying the music that I create, I feel lượt thích that’s success.”

Music is not the only thing that Tran is passionate about. She runs an Etsy shop with her older sister called VyNYen. Together they sell tie-dyed clothes that they dye themselves. 

Tran with her hand-dyed hoodie & sweatpants set.

Originally started on Instagram, VyNYen was created as a way to lớn pass time during quarantine. “It was super random because it started during quarantine when we did a lot of DIY stuff. We didn’t really have any goals. We thought, ‘we can just bởi this for fun and be able lớn sell our stuff.’” Amazingly, it has grown into a shop with nearly 400 sales và a five-star rating. 

Their sales average around 10 orders for a normal week và 20 around the holiday season. The orders can be time-consuming: Tran usually spends about 8 hours a week creating the products. 

The most rewarding part for Tran is definitely the customers. “We’ve been getting a lot of super nice reviews, and It’s just super rewarding to lớn have your customers be really happy with the product.”